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Saint Xavier's Software Engineering class builds a partnership with Respond Now

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As part of Saint Xavier's new community-based learning initiative, our Software Engineering class partnered with Chicago-based agency Respond Now. We built them a brand new digital filing system to better manage their client database.


Everyone in the class divided into separate teams where we could best use our own skills to serve the end goal. The class split three ways, resulting in a Database Team, a Web Team, and a Documentation Team.

The Database Team designed and built a database from scratch to support all of Respond Now's client files.


Mario The Web Team built a website to host the database online. They built and designed the user interface so that Respond Now's volunteers could fill out client intake forms just as they would have on paper. The visual feel was as similar as possible to the old system, but thanks to the Database Team's work, the information storage and retrieval is now much more efficient.
The Documentation Team recorded client visits to keep track of the system specifications. They also wrote the user manual for the new website so that Respond Now's volunteers could more easily transition to their new digital file system. Alex

All photos throughout the website are taken from a volunteer training day.

They feature Saint Xavier Software Engineering students training

Respond Now's volunteers how to use the new client database.