Why It Matters

How does a real life experience compare to a textbook assignment?



When working on a textbook assignment, the only thing at stake is a grade. Occaisonally, when we work on group projects, other people's grades rely on us as well. But even then, we are rarely aware of any ethical impulse to complete our work.

When working with a real client on the other hand, all of our "practice case studies" seem like flimsy replicas of real-life experiences. No simulation of a genuine human interaction can ever compare to the real thing. No textbook assignment could ever hope to capture all the nuances of working with a real person with complex individual needs.

When working with Respond Now, we had to learn how to adapt and change what we believed to be the best path in order to fit their precise requirements. This involved more than an ability to get the work done. It required respect for and commitment to the people at Respond Now, and by extension all those that they serve.

It required conviction to get the job done not just to keep a GPA safe, but to fulfill our promise to help our client re-vamp their client intake database. In most classes we learn how to use new skills. In Software Engineering, we learn how to use our skills to do good.