About Respond Now


Respond Now is a poverty-assistance service in the South Chicago Suburbs.

They offer rent and utilities assistance, prescription payment

help and homelessness prevention services, among other efforts. They also

provide clothing, food, and transportation to their clients who may need it.

If Respond Now cannot help a client because they live outside the designated

geographic limits, Respond Now directs them to other organizations

that can better help with their needs.

Respond Now grew out of a need for better social support in the South Chicago

community. The local Ministerial Association in 1969 realized that

the needs of the people were growing too large for the Association to handle on their own.

Respond Now began as a group of several volunteers willing to put together bags

groceries, sometimes from their own kitchens, to give to those who needed them.

The organization is now the work of three main directors,

an enthusiastic group of volunteers and a generous body of donors.