Dr. Vanderhyde



Areas of Specialization


Algorithms, Computer Graphics




James Vanderhyde received his PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007, a master’s in Computer Science from Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Math and Computer Science from Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He also worked in industry for two years as a software developer for IronCAD in Atlanta, GA. Before coming to Saint Xavier University in 2015, he taught computer science and math at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

Dr. Vanderhyde is interested in all fields of computer science and teaches across the curriculum. His research interests include computer graphics, computer science education, and game design. He is interested in how humans can use computers to relate to information, from data representation through data visualization to knowledge transfer.

Dr. Vanderhyde’s hobbies focus on games of all types, particularly video games and board games. He does not like to exercise but does it regularly for health.


Courses Offered

  • CMPSC 160: Programming Competition
  • CMPSC 201: Visual Basic Programming
  • CMPSC 256: Operating Systems for Practitioners
  • CMPSC 260: Topics in Computer Science: Functional Programming using Clojure
  • CMPSC 321: Relational Database Theory and Design
  • CMPSC 395: Computer Studies Capstone
  • ACSG 556: Data visualization
  • ACSG 591: Special Topics: Computer Graphics



Selected Publications and Presentations

  1. “Nifty assignment: Exploiting a networked game,” Consortium for Computing Sciences           in Colleges: Central Plains regional conference, 2013.
  2. “Nifty assignment: Cellphone text messaging,” Consortium for Computing Sciences in              Colleges: Central Plains regional conference, 2013
  3. “Board game project ideas for CS1 and CS2,” workshop at SIGCSE 2012, co-led with             Zack Kurmas
  4. A. Szymczak and J. Vanderhyde, “Airway segmentation by topology-driven local                     thresholding,” Proc. SPIE, Vol. 6914, 69143D (2008).
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