Adding files to your account


Once you have your account information you can now start uploading files to CSMASTER

To put files into your directory you may use ftp software.

On campus we have Filezilla, and Internet Explorer. You will need your password and user name to be able to ftp your files into your directory.

When using ftp the host name is:


Instructions for: Internet Explorer or Filezilla



Internet Explorer 7

If you are using Internet Explorer, in the address field type and then a window will appear prompting you’re for your username and password. If you are using Internet Explorer from home, you must open up Internet Explorer and go to toolsinternet options (If you are using IE 7 and can not see the menu bar try hitting the alt key first)


click the Advanced tab and uncheck Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)


IE Settings


 You will need to fully close any internet explorer windows (possibly resart the computer) before changes will take effect.





Filezilla will require the hostname, username, and password. You will also need to configure filezilla to do active transfers if you are using it from home.

Click on Edit -> Settings (See Filezilla Image 1)



On the left hand side you will need to expand Connection (if not already). Then click on FTP (you do not need to expand FTP just click on it.) On the right hand side the screen will change and you must click the active radio button. Click ok.(See Filezilla Image 2)






You should now be able to connect using filezilal by filling out the information at the top
User name: your user name goes here
Password: your password goes here
Then click quick connect.